Wednesday, July 12, 2006


We’re just back from Lafayette. We drove over yesterday with my younger sister, and drove back today after the funeral and some visiting with family.

My uncle was a good guy. Sure, he was important, and was a big mover and shaker, and knew presidents and kings, but he was a just a nice guy. He was a dedicated husband and father, and a real true gentleman. He had five daughters and six sisters. (He had one brother as well)

It was fun to see all t he cousins as well. I have not seen many of them for probably twenty years. I saw a collection of cousins from ALL the families – My family (The Piettes) Uncle Pete (the Louisiana deGravelles) Uncle Bob (The California deGravelles) Aunt Peppy (the Moreau girls) Aunt Charlie (The LeBlancs) Aunt Abbie (The McNultys) and Aunt Renee (my Godmother – the Burkes). I also met a bunch of the next generation kids (my first cousins once removed) but I won’t even pretend that I will be able to identify any of them. There are even some in the NEXT generation. (First cousin twice removed)

It was an easy drive. About 220 miles, about 3 hours.


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