Sunday, July 01, 2007

What's for dinner?

My brother Matthew has a cool thing on his website where he talks about what he is cooking that evening. I don’t have an interesting spot like this, but last night we had a grilled bonanza.

Doreen’s friend Paul was in town from San Francisco, so we had him over for dinner. We decided to grill some steaks, and since we didn’t want to waste charcoal, we decided to grill some other things, too.

So we grilled asparagus, corn, and portabella mushrooms. It got a little crowded on the grill (a standard Weber kettle grill) but it all turned out delicious!


Blogger claire said...

Yum. We've thrown asparagus on the grill a number of times. Most everything's better with a little charcoal. A few years ago at the beach, the power went out for an entire day at our beach house, so we grilled a pizza---best frozen pizza I'd ever had. Of course, perhaps the copious amounts of beer and vodka tonics contributed to that...

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