Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Will wonders never cease

new york new york - Google Maps

Click on the New York City map above and then on the "Street View" button. Pick a street, and Voila! You are there.

Think of the bandwidth and storage needed!


Friday, May 25, 2007


Rank has its privileges.

The first time I heard that I was working in a coal mine in Kemmerer, WY. It had to do with our local mine manager being able to take off early on a Friday afternoon, while the rest of us schlubs had to put in our full eight hours.

He said it gleefully, as he was walking out the door looking at all the young engineers, administrative staff, and assorted operators who were in the office at the time. It rankled, but was not devastating. But I made a vow to make sure that if I would ever be in such a position, I would not abuse it, but play fair with everyone in the company.

And that is why I work until at least 5:00 PM, even on a Friday before a holiday weekend. (I usually stay in the office until between 6:00 and 6:30. That has as much to do with traffic as it has to do with dedication)

But last night we had an interesting example of how RHIP works in a more banal part of our lives.

We were invited to a meal by some big patron’s of Doreen’s park. They donate a lot of time and money, and she values them as friends as well as donors. They are good people, whom you would expect to be just “normal” folks.

So it was interesting when they picked the latest “hot” restaurant in town – one which it is extremely difficult to get reservations for, even though it is just a Mexican menu.

We arrived at the designated time (I am sort of crazy about being on time) and gave our host’s name – assuming that they had made the reservations. There were none in his name. But Doreen noticed that his name did pop up on the reservation system. He must go there plenty.

As we were standing around wondering if we had the right night, a woman came up to the hostess and gave her name. She was told that her reservation was held for 30 minutes, and that since she was not there on time, they had given her table away. The woman protested (traffic, I don’t know what all) and complained, and left.

After hearing that I wondered what would happen if we really did have the correct night. So we went to the very crowded bar for a margarita and to wait. And I mean this bar was PACKED with people waiting for their tables.

Sure enough, about twenty minutes later they showed up. I was not really paying attention to what happened at the hostess’s station, but we were immediately (and I mean immediately!) seated. No waiting at all.

It must be nice to be an Alpha Couple!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Front Yard Flowers

Our day lilies are blooming:

From Front Yard, M...

From Yard Photos M...

Nice time of year in Houston

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Self Portraits

We like to take Self Portraits when we travel. It is a nice way to store memories.

So of course, in Door Count we took a couple.

Here is one:

and here is a photo my sister took of us taking our self portrait:

Monday, May 14, 2007

Door County

I have under two months in my Year of Turning Fifty. This last weekend I spent with family (All my siblings and our step mother as well) in Door County, WI. that is the little part that jabs into Lake Michigan - the part that separates Green Bay from the actual lake itself.

One of my sister's inlaws generously allowed us to use their "cabin" (it was more like a lodge) for our get together. It was a blast.

Door County is a beautiful place - bay on one side:

and Lake on the other:

I will write more later.

Here are some of the NextGenners (along with my sister in law Becky) who visited:

From Oslo and Wisc...

Old Creepy Ads | Weirdomatic

Old Creepy Ads | Weirdomatic

I especially like the Thorazine ad.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Jag talar inte norrman

While walking down the street in Oslo yesterday, I was stopped and asked directions.

This has happened to me all over the world. Where ever I go, people ask me for directions.

I must have an honest face

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The label

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Heavy Water in Norway


This is the original heavy water equipment that my father trained to destroy in WWII.

It was destroyed (at great cost) by Norwegian sabatours.
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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

City asks for input. My sweet ever lovin' is quoted